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Can minors enter Room Escape?
It is a game for adults over 18 years no age limit. Adolescents between 14 and 17 years old are recommended to be accompanied by an adult. Children under 14 years of age are required to accompany at least one adult in their game. Children under 10 are allowed to play but as long as they are part of the family unit or the tutors are mostly children and are responsible for playing and explaining what they are doing, because the games can be difficult to understand because they are not designed for short age.
What is the price per game session? 


2 players = 50€  (25€/people)
3 players = 55€  (18,33€/people)
4 players = 60€  (15€/people)
5 players = 65€  (13€/people)


2 players = 50€  (25€/people)
3 players = 60€  (20€/people)
4 players = 70€  (17,50€/people)
5 players = 75€  (15€/people)

No teams more than 5 people are allowed.
In what language can I play?

The game is in Spanish.

And if we're late?

Delays seriously damage the organization and times of the following sessions of play of our customers. All participants must enter the time shown on your booking. You should arrive a few minutes early to avoid delays and verify the session by our staff. If your team arrive 5 minutes late or more from the reserved time, you will lose your right to enter to play. If a person of the team don´t arrive on time, the rest of participants must start the game after 5 minutes waiting. ATTENTION !!! in this case it is not possible to cancel or change the game and the fee is not refundable.

Can play people with heart problems or claustrophobic, etc...? 

Roomin® is not a dangerous game and there are no scares in the course of the game, there will always be one person controlling what happens. And also at any time you can exit.

Physical strength is needed?
Roomin® is not a game of physical strength, you need to look, think, connect and share information. The communication and reasoning are best weapon. All you need is inside Roomin®, is strictly forbidden to use personal or external elements.
How do I make a reservation?
The reservation is done in our web calendar, chosing the day and the hour free to game.
a) In the "Booking" you will find a calendar to select the day and then hour you want to play. The days or hours not available will not be displayed on the website.
b) Once selected day and time, and to complete the booking process, you must be logged in our system.
c) Finally, you must select the payment system. Once payment is done the reservation is made and you will receive an email with the confirmation of your booking and information needed to assist. For bank transfer, you will have 48 hours to pay the amount, if you don’t pay in that time margin, your booking will be canceled.
What happen if someone in the group want to stop playing?
Depends on the situation, if that person wants to leave the game, can get out and the rest of the team can continue the game; if the person who gets this indisposed has come out with another player that can deal with him and the rest of the team can go on the game. In case of accident or serious indispositions Roomin® staff controlling the game can decide to stop it completely.
If the person who made the reservation can not play, can come the rest of the group?
Yes, although the reservation was made by a person, Roomin®  is a team game, so the other participants can attend the event and even invite another person to replace. But If you want to cancel your reservation remember to notify 3 days in advance (you have more information on Legal Notice). 
What payment systems are available on- line web
The payment system is performed by conventional procedures such as:

Bank transfer: After selecting this system will receive an email with bank details, you have 48 hours to make the transfer and send the receipt to our email: You must make your payment from your bank on-line, because we use Triodos Bank, virtual bank without branches (if you want to know more about Triodos Bank, see our  Legal Notice).

Credit Card: If you wish to pay by debit or credit the POS (Point Of Sales) system allows payments, you must enter the personal details for payment. We have chosen this system to be the most reliable and secure network.
Can I pay cash?
Yes, when it comes to a Last Minute (reservation made on the day of the game or booking made less than 1 days ahead). To confirm the reservation you have to call the phone (12h to 14.30h and from 16.30 to 20h Tuesday to Sunday) with 2 hours prior to the selected schedule. If you have any problem / error with Online web payment, through causes outside and does not allow the payment of allowed other systems, can pay cash on game day before the meeting begins.
What book has the availability booking calendar?
Available reserves are 2 months away (can be higher or lower at certain times within the year or to offer promotions), a sufficiently long time to find a date for you. Every week a new week will appear for future reservations. If you want to play a specific day that is not on the calendar, please send an email to indicating the day that you want to play.
Can I change the date of my reservation?

If you have a reservation and do not do well come the date chosen, must send an email to indicating your reservation number, the date and time of the new reserve. Remember! the new date you choose, you must always be within the next two months from the date of your old book.

How much time do I have to cancel a reservation?
a) With 3 days in advance prior to game start we can pay your money back by subtracting a -10% for cancellation expenses and bank charges paid by the user, which must indicate the bank account or last 4 Digits of your card used in the purchase to make the credit.

b) With 2 days in advance (+48h) before the date of the game, we are sorry but we can not pay you back. Although we offer the opportunity to choose another day and time, provided that you notify us of the cancellation of the meeting by email to

c) With less than 2 days ( -48h ) or the same day, sorry but we can not return the amount or provide another session.

**If due to causes beyond Roomin® (outages, server failures, etc) can not offer services, Roomin®  will contact with affected players and will study alternatives to change reservations, cancel them or to make appropriate refunds.
How do I cancel a reservation?
Contact us via email and enter your booking number, date and time, along with your name and a current account to request payment amount. You can also do so by calling (from 12h to 14.30h and from 16.30h to 20h) and ourselves will make the cancellation.
What is the Last Minute?
Last Minute are reservations made less than one day before the date of play, so they must be paid instantly and have no possibility of cancellation. Other methods of payment are by bank card.
Can we participate if we are a group of more than 5 people?
Unfortunately it is not possible, the structure of the game and the space was designed for a maximum of 5 people. We are sure that you can gather at least ten friends to form 2 teams and enjoy the game all.
I need the invoice, how can I get it?
You can have the invoice in your administration panel of the website. Sign in to your profile and you can download it in pdf format. Remember that before you make the payment you need to include the necessary data for the invoice (name, company ID or VAT number, complete address , etc.). 
How I can use a voucher?
If you have a voucher offered by Roomin® you can redeem it on our web You must perform the conventional reservation process and by the breakdown of your reservation will find the " Discount code" . Enter the code that we gave you and the offer will be made instantly. Remember that promotional codes have a durability and expire in the estimated Roomin® term.
I want to give a game session Roomin©. How do I do?
Contact us by sending an e-mail to or call us tel. (from 12h to 14.30 and 16.30h to 20.00h)  

and we will send you an e-mail with all the information and steps to follow.

And if we're late?
If there is a delay of 5 minutes or more from the reserved time you can not start the game, and ATTENTION! in this case the fee is not refundable.
The reservation system for the web does not work
Frequently the failures are  Web server problems, so please wait a few minutes and try again later. You can also check if your computer is running properly and if you are using the right browser and updated to the latest version. Roomin® can temporarily suspend access to this Website and / or (Blog, social networks ...), at any time and without notice, when it would be necessary for technical, security, control or maintenance.


If you have not found answers to your questions you can contact us by e-mail to:

We will solve your questions as quickly as possible.

If you want to change the day of your reservation, please contact us at Tel: 

651 318 471

Customer Service Hours: 

from 12:00 to 14:30 and 16:30 to 20:00 from Tuesday to Sunday.



Robí street, 2-4-6 (corner Topazi street) 08012 - Vila de Gràcia - Barcelona.

A 5 minutes from Fontana Metro Station, Green Line (L3).

On leaving the metro follow the street straight to Asturias Plaça del Diamant.

Arriving at the square turn left onto your Topazi Street. At the next corner on your left you will find us.

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